Luke's Opinions on Every Pokémon Ever
#646: Kyurem

Dragon/Ice-type. Yes. Fear it.

On top of that, it looks like a winged theropod and it can fuse with other monsters to become more powerful, which is some Voltron level stuff. Kyurem terrifies me.

#645: Landorus

It’s weird that Thundurus and Landorus have Zekrom and Reshiram sandwiched between them. Considering how Landorus is obviously part of the same family as Thundurus and Tornadus, you’d think it’d follow them immediately, wouldn’t you? I guess it was some sort of mix-up.

Or maybe Einstein here was too smart to be seen associating with his cohorts.

#644: Zekrom

And here we have the yang to Reshiram’s yang- and it’s a motherfracking Transformer-Terminator-Dragon. Awwwwwweeeeesoooommmmmmmeeeee!

#643: Reshiram

The one, the only!

What a friggin’ awesome design. Can you name any other Pokémon with a god damned electricity turbine built into its tail? One that’s a bird-wyvern with a glorious mane of Fabio hair? One that’s literally a BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON?

You most certainly can not!

#642: Thundurus

You mean “Thunderus”, Game Freak. Honestly, I feel like I have to do everything around here.

#641: Tornadus

Behold, the only pure Flying-type in existence!

Yeah, seriously- every other Flying-type Pokémon also has another type, typically Normal. That’s seriously weird. What’s also weird is Tornadus’ “Therian Forme”:

That’s a bird with a mustache.

#640: Virizion

Between the boots, the wing designs, and the crazy helmet, Virizion looks like some kind of space warrior! It’s totally awesome, though I have to wonder if it isn’t some kind of viral marketing for Verizon Wireless.

#639: Terrakion

Tremendous stature, big honkin’ horns, an intimidating presence, hefty armor, an awesome name to end all Awesome McCoolnames… see, Tauros? THIS is how you be a bull Pokémon.

#638: Cobalion

Snoooooooore! You’re gonna need GOOD puns to pass muster with me, chump! Cobalt + lion ain’t gonna cut it!

You have cool boots, though, and I like your beard. Say hi to your mother for me.

#637: Volcarona






Not Volcana.


All joking aside, Volcarona is a genuinely cool Pokémon. It’s got an awesome flowery wing pattern, it’s got horns that look kinda like Megatron’s, and it’s the only Bug/Fire type out there, so it’s very special indeed.