Luke's Opinions on Every Pokémon Ever
Thanks a bajillion!

Well friends, we’ve finally come to the tentative end of our journey. Two and a half years ago, on New Year’s Day, I started a brand-new blog where I wrote down my opinions on every Pokémon ever designed. While I didn’t manage to get one out every single day, I came pretty damn close, and kept up with it all the way until now, making it the only New Year’s Resolution that I’ve (and, perhaps, anyone else has) ever actually kept. I had an incredible amount of fun with it, and while it’s a little bittersweet that it’s over, I’m incredibly proud of myself for getting it all done!

First of all, my biggest thanks for this whole thing definitely goes to the awesome Aussie, Rachel MacWhirter, whose own blog posts “My Opinions on Every Pokémon Ever” - and, more specifically, the fact that the posts petered out after a while - inspired me to create my own. You can check out her original posts on her old blog here, and her current Tumblr here!

My second biggest thank-you goes out to everyone who ever liked and/or reblogged my posts. Seriously, it sounds like a small thing, but that’s exactly what kept me going. This blog doesn’t have a lot of followers and I only occasionally get messages, so sometimes I’ve felt like nobody would care if I just stopped updating- until I got a Like, or a Reblog, and I stood up and declare, “No! THAT ONE PERSON will be very disappointed if there is no post tomorrow!”, and I queued like a good little boy should.

A lot of you are probably wondering what will happen to this blog. Well, of course, it’s almost a certainty that X & Y are not the end of Pokémon, and that in a short time we’ll get a whole new Generation that I can give my thoughts on. When that day comes, I will indeed be back, but that may be years from now. In the meantime, I do indeed have some plans for using this blog that will begin in the not-too-distant future (next Sunday, A.D.!), but I’m a busy guy this summer and have other stuff I’d like to work on, so I’ll definitely be taking a break. 

While you wait, you can follow me on my personal blog, where I tend to update at least once a day, and you can also follow my movie poster and movie trailer blogs, which I’ve just recently started and am very excited about!

And while you’re at it- ASK ME SOME QUESTIONS! I love hearing from you guys and I also love talking ceaselessly about myself, so all in all it’s a darn fine way to get my attention!

Well, true believers, it’s the end of the road- until construction starts back up! (Is that a decent metaphor? I’ve never been good with those.) Until we meet again… Excelsior!


#719: Diancie

(Shhh! Diancie’s still technically a mystery! The movie’s not out until July 19th! Keep it on the DL!)

Well, anyway, Diancie looks pretty neat, pleasant and fancy like a good “cute Legendary” (which are typically the Event ‘Mons) should. Although, its name is kind of inadvertently amusing- I know it’s “diamond + ishi (stone)”, and that the Japanese designers probably didn’t realize how it’d come across to Westerners, but it totally just sounds like this mystical all-powerful ancient being… is named “Diane”.

#718: Zygarde

And here we have the obvious mascot for the inevitable Pokémon Z, which disappointingly looks very little like an actual Z. Still, its hexagonal motif is really cool, as are its sexy headcrest and cool eyes, so there’s still a lot to love. Plus, green and black go well together- just ask the original Xbox!

#717: Yveltal

Yveltal is doing the whole Legendary thing RIGHT. This is easily among the coolest of all Legendary Pokémon, with its crazy huge size, its badass mane, its weirdo horns, its scary feather-fingers, its gorgeous bright red color scheme, and the fact that it actually looks like the letter Y (take that, XERNEAS). Here’s a monster I’d be proud to catch.

#716: Xerneas

Xerneas is such a strange beastie. First of all, its name is pronounced “Zer-nee-uss” despite it starting with an X, which will NEVER STOP BEING STRANGE TO ME no matter how many times I see it. I will always instinctively call it “Ex-er-nee-uss”.

Beyond that, it also has something resembling high heels, no mouth whatsoever, and Fruity Pebbles on its antlers. Sure, okay, it’s immortal or whatever, but how cool can it be if it’s got Fruity Pebbles on its antlers?

#715: Noivern

Hm… Noivern. Noise + Wyvern? Yes. You got my attention, Game Freak. Even though this isn’t much of a wyvern, looking more like a plain ol’ bat, the mere fact that it has that word in the name is enough. Good on you, friend, good on you.

#714: Noibat

You know, Noibat has an interesting and attractive design and all, but at the same time, it’s really just another bat, isn’t it? There’s been ton of them already. The only thing about it that really stands out about it is its awesome German name, “eF-eM”. Isn’t that a crazy name? I love the spelling.

#713: Avalugg

Here’s another interesting one- Avalugg is an Ice-type that seems to be based more on a sheet of ice than on blocks of ice or snow, which is pretty unique. Plus it looks tough and has an intimidating name- AVALUUUUUGGGGG!

#712: Bergmite

I know the intended connotations of Bergmite’s name are “iceberg + mite (little thing)”, but my first thought when I read it was “miniature Jewish person.” Make of that what you will.

Beyond the name, I find Bergmite’s design very interesting. Rather than go for a pleasant, cleanly-broken piece of ice, they went with something jagged and sharp, looking much more like actual icebergs. Neat touch.

#711: Gourgeist

Gourgeist may look all cute and adorable and fun, and yes, it does kind of remind me of Flame Princess, but don’t be fooled. If I may quote da ‘Dex:

It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.”

Jeeeeesus. That’s usually the domain of serial killers and particularly naughty supervillains. Certainly not something you’d expect out of a cute little Halloween goblin- but then again, you can SORT OF tell, because it’s a Jack O’Lantern made out of a stinking gourd. A GOURD. What are you doing, chump?! Gourd Jack O’Lanterns are SOOOO 16th century! Freakin’ dork. Murderous dork.